Phone Camera Accessories To Improve Your Photos

Are your smartphone camera images lacking? The key to success could be to invest in some new phone camera accessories.

The technology in smartphone cameras is becoming more sophisticated all the time. As a result, they produce increasingly impressive photos. But did you know there are also plenty of physical phone camera attachments available to help you improve your mobile photography?

Here’s our selection of the must-have phone camera accessories that’ll take your phone photography to the next level.

Olloclip Wide-Angle + Macro Intro Lenses

The Olloclip Wide-Angle smartphone lens
The Olloclip Wide-Angle smartphone lens could help you get more creative with your mobile photography.

One of the best camera gadgets for getting more creative with your shots is an add-on lens. They work by changing the magnification of your existing phone camera lens.

You can choose from Macro, Wide-Angle, Fisheye and Telephoto lenses, among others.

The range offered by Olloclip are most well-known among iPhone users, but are now compatible with most devices thanks to the new multi-device clip.

JOBY GorillaPod GripTight ONE GP Magnetic Impulse

The best way to get sharp phone images is to keep your device steady when you take the shot.

GorillaPods are flexible tripods by JOBY, which are perfect for stabilising your shots. They are so flexible and can attach almost anywhere–they could even help you find new photographic angles.

The GripTight ONE GP Magnetic Impulse is a must-have phone camera attachment. The tight grip mount is a universal fit for all phones and holds any device securely in or out of its case. Furthermore, the spring-loaded attachment makes it easy to mount your phone, plus it’s magnetic!

You can use the strong magnetic feet to attach to a metal surface, or stand it up to use in a traditional tripod style. Alternatively, bend the legs around something to wrap and hold it in position.

Buy the GorrillaPod if you are looking for a lightweight tripod to complement your mobile photography. It’s one of the most versatile phone camera accessories and great value at around $50.

Godox Ami Smartphone Flash

The Godox Ami smartphone flash is a great choice among phone camera accessories
The Godox Ami smartphone flash will illuminate more than your built-in phone flash.

Your mobile probably already has a built-in flash, but sometimes that is simply not enough light.

This is when an add-on flash comes in handy. The Godox Ami Smartphone Flash is a great choice as it can be used with both the front or back camera lenses on your phone.

It can also be used as an off-camera flash too; allowing you to light your subject from any angle, without being tethered to the phone. It is lightweight and offers far more versatility than a regular plug-in phone flash.


A Popsocket mobile phone holder is one of the best phone camera accessories
A Popsocket can help prevent your phone slipping out of your hands.

Many mobile phone designs are beautiful, but that beauty is not necessarily easy to hold. Phones all too frequently slip out of our hands when we’re ready to take that perfect photo.

A PopSocket attachment can help you gain a better grip on your phone. Simply stick it to the back of your phone, then expand it to get a better grip of your phone.

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